Saskatoon Star Phoenix: More than a farm

Kristjan Hebert, president of the Hebert Group, runs his operations like “a project management company versus ‘a farm.'”

Bryn Levy, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Dec. 28, 2023

Kristjan Hebert says he always “liked” agriculture growing up on his family’s farm. His passion for the industry grew after getting a business degree and becoming a chartered professional accountant.

 “I fell in love with business, and I thought there was just a lot of opportunity on the business side of farming,” he says.

Today, he’s president of the Hebert Group, a cluster of companies which includes a 30,000-acre grain farming operation near Moosomin, a risk management and financial consulting business, and an agriculture executive training program.

While he loves his work, Hebert admits he is conscious of the limited window available to enjoy the time he and his wife have together to raise their children — Ivy, 9, and Bentley, 11.

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