Hebert Group launches Farmer Coach

A recurring theme in many of my blog posts is collaboration. We are stronger together than we are alone.

For too long, the mindset of farmers has been that they must go at it alone. We often refer to it as  “rugged individualism” – the idea that one must be self-reliant and independent from any outside help or support.

Farmers are, by nature, smart, hard-working and resilient. I’m not sure why we feel that we can’t benefit from outside help or mentorship? It may have been that way generations ago, but it’s not  the future of modern farming, especially if we want our industry to continue innovating and growing.

Personally, I’ve benefited greatly from two programs that have inspired and challenged me to think bigger, take risks, and learn from others. Often, it’s learning from others’ mistakes so you can avoid them in your own operation.

The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) and Strategic Coach have had a profound impact on how we run our businesses.

Evan and I have always thought about starting something similar specifically for Canadian producers and I’m proud to say we finally took the plunge. On July 1, we will launch Farmer Coach with the first cohort beginning in November.

It will be the first comprehensive and continuous business management program in Canada designed specifically for primary producers. Other professions have continuing education and so should we. 

We will create community – a group of peers who can collectively share, ideate, problem solve and likely have a laugh or two. 

When you are expected to be the CEO, CFO, COO and put in a crop – there’s no shame in getting some help along the way.

The war in Ukraine, high commodity prices, rising input costs, and severe weather, are examples of the volatile nature of agriculture today. We’re optimistic our program will help farmers, and professionals who work with agriculture clients, better prepare for these events and capture the opportunities that exist.

I won’t give away too many details just yet, so check out  Farmer Coach and be the first to learn more on July 1. 

 Evan and I are looking forward to getting started!