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What’s holding Canada back? Part Two

We’re not the only ones. It isn’t just the agriculture industry that is frustrated with Canada’s productivity crisis. Many sectors within our natural resources industry feel we are not capitalizing on opportunities where Canada can lead. Collectively, there are feelings of frustration that federal government policies and other labour and regulatory issues are holding us […]

Canada is the best country to feed and fuel the world…Part One

Earlier this spring the Bank of Canada sounded the alarm that Canada is having a “productivity emergency.” Sluggish economic growth and stagnant productivity are leading to the weakest GDP growth we’ve seen in decades. Per capita GDP growth is languishing at 2014 levels.  This was a hot topic of conversation at a recent meeting I […]

Why Ag needs more Kim McConnells…

I could start by listing off all of the accolades and awards that my good friend Kim McConnell has received over the years. And he’s 100% deserving of them.   Most recently, the Inspiring Business Leader Award from the Haskayne School of Business and Calgary Chamber of Commerce.   Instead, I’d like to tell you […]

Hey Canada, this isn’t the time to be modest

You know me…always willing to call a spade a spade. I think we’ve missed the boat on what is perhaps the best and biggest agricultural news story for Saskatchewan, in fact Canada, so far this year. I’ve always said that Saskatchewan produces some of the most sustainable and climate-positive crops in the world and now […]

How will the next generation afford to farm?

I was chatting with some young producers on X (Twitter) recently about what is top of mind for them.  No surprise, it was the cost of getting started in farming.  We already have a huge problem in this country with getting young people interested in farming. Now, even for those who want to farm, they […]

Rural life can provide “the harvest of a lifetime”

Did you hear Lainey Wilson’s acceptance speech at the Grammy’s? It really struck me how proud she is of her rural and farming roots. I loved the way she compared farming to making music. Have a listen: I’ve been a big fan of Wilson’s, both her music and her acting career on Yellowstone. Sometimes we […]

COP28: Was it worth it?

I spent time over the holidays reflecting and reviewing my notes from COP28, trying to determine whether it was worth the investment of my time and money. And, to set the record straight, I did pay my own way – no part of my trip was funded by the Saskatchewan government. So, all the critics […]

Canada’s farmers pay the price of carbon tax debacle

As I watch what’s been happening in the Senate recently with Bill C234, I become increasingly frustrated with our political system and how Canada’s farmers have become caught in the crossfire of a ridiculous political debate once again. Ridiculous because there should be no debate. Bill C 234, which would expand the carbon tax exemption […]