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Rural life can provide “the harvest of a lifetime”

Did you hear Lainey Wilson’s acceptance speech at the Grammy’s? It really struck me how proud she is of her rural and farming roots. I loved the way she compared farming to making music. Have a listen: I’ve been a big fan of Wilson’s, both her music and her acting career on Yellowstone. Sometimes we […]

COP28: Was it worth it?

I spent time over the holidays reflecting and reviewing my notes from COP28, trying to determine whether it was worth the investment of my time and money. And, to set the record straight, I did pay my own way – no part of my trip was funded by the Saskatchewan government. So, all the critics […]

Canada’s farmers pay the price of carbon tax debacle

As I watch what’s been happening in the Senate recently with Bill C234, I become increasingly frustrated with our political system and how Canada’s farmers have become caught in the crossfire of a ridiculous political debate once again. Ridiculous because there should be no debate. Bill C 234, which would expand the carbon tax exemption […]

Small towns, big hearts: the power of rural communities

A few weeks ago, we had some tools stolen from one of our service vehicles at the farm in Fairlight. Knowing it is harvest time, with lots of equipment being moved around, some opportunistic thieves decided to walk away with about $5,000 worth of Milwaukee drills and other tools.  And, we weren’t the only ones. […]

How can we deepen the roots of agriculture education?

As the kids head back to class, our leadership team at Hebert Grain Ventures is revisiting one of our priority areas for 2023 – education. We’ve been supporting local high school students through our Deep Roots scholarships at five Saskatchewan high schools and recently launched a university scholarship and research collaboration with Olds College. But […]

Why I mentor promising agtech startups (and you should too)

The future of agriculture depends on innovation. That’s why I get excited every time Cultivator launches a new cohort of companies. This week I’ll be in Regina for AGTECH ACCELERATOR‘s Finale Week and the first-ever Global Agtech Summit. AGTECH ACCELERATOR is a venture-backed program designed to help top early-stage agtech companies scale globally. Together in […]